RFP Bonus Podcast: Caught by the Tide Photo Zine

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  • Song Name: RFP Bonus Podcast: Caught By the Tide Photo Zine
  • Artist: Richard Flint Photography
  • Album: Richard Flint Photography Podcast
  • Year: 2019

In the bonus podcast: Richard talks about his recently released 24-page photo zine 'Caught by The Tide'. The new photo zine features 19 street photography and landscape images shot in Norfolk during an emotionally turbulent 2016. The podcast delves into the background of the photography, favourite images, the making of the zine and more. 'Caught by the Tide' can be purchased on Blurb at https://www.blurb.co.uk/b/9554004-caught-by-the-tide. Related links for current photo book projects can be be found at richardflintphoto.com