RFP Podcast: February 2019

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  • Song Name: RFP Podcast: February
  • Artist: Richard Flint Photography
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  • Year: 2019

In the podcast: All the Google +_ links get removed from the website and two new photography books are in the works with releases due over the Summer. More details about the books in the podcast. In the weblinks, a look at the images taken in Manchester by Magnum's Martin Parr over 48 years, old Victorian photos of a huge building project rescued from a skip, plus just who were the kissing sailor and nurse in Eisenstadt's famous Times Square VJ Day image from the end of World War II? Finally, the intriguing tale of identifying a badly wounded U.S marine in an iconic photograph from the Vietnam War by John Olsen of LIFE. All of the weblinks for the content mentioned in the podcasts can be found on the dedicated podcast links page at https://darkerskies.wordpress.com/podcast/